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  1. I think it’s nice to have both formats available – that way I can read the paper (or digital reader) format when I’m not doing something else, but continue enjoying the story while doing something that prevents me from reading, like riding my bicycle or driving. Texting while driving is bad enough, reading a paper book – let’s not go there!

    Your comment about availability of audio books being limited to established authors is very interesting – is that a decision of the companies that sell and distribute audio books? While having professional actors read a book is nice, it seems like anyone who publishes a written book ought to have the option to read their book into a recorder and have that sold as an audio book version.

    1. Good point, it’s nice to have different options for different occasions! I think many publishers are prioritizing audiobook creation more and more, but obviously producing an audiobook is an extra expense, so they’re not going to do it for every release (compared to something like an ebook, where I’m sure the overhead is much lower). It’s creating a nice new business for voiceover actors, though.

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