Five Revelations from my First Book Tour

This month, I embarked on my first-ever BOOK TOUR! It was terrifying and joyous and I’m here to tell you all about it.  This is what I’ve learned.

1. Everyone has opinions on AI

Since The Plus One is about a robotics engineer who builds her perfect boyfriend, the topic of robots was on everyone’s tongues. I heard some people say they would never want a robotic boyfriend or girlfriend, and others ask if they could buy one today. We talked about transhumanism, Elon Musk’s belief that we’re living in a simulation, robots keeping humans in zoos, and how an English major who doesn’t quite know what a modem is came to write a book about engineering. The general conclusion seems to be that AI is taking over and we’re writing our own doom and no one’s going to do anything about it. Read ye books while ye may!

2. My wrists are limp and useless, like those of a boy king

On the subject of technology ruining us, I’ve learned that I can no longer write. Meaning physically write, by hand. In school, I wrote all the time, taking such copious notes that teachers would tell me “Sarah, stop, you don’t have to write this down” (true story). But these days, I type everything, and my ability to write longhand has fallen off dramatically, as I learned when signing books. My handwriting looks like it should be tacked up on the fridge as Baby’s First Letters. But it’s okay—my robot will write for me!

3. I am incapable of joy

While at the San Francisco airport, I caught my book for the first time in the wild, available for sale at an airport store.

Most first-time authors would probably think “Wow, so cool! My book for sale in an actual store! I wrote that!” And it was exciting. But I also immediately thought “Why is it on the same table with all of these amazing books? No one’s picking it up. It shouldn’t be here. It’ll never sell.” You can put the girl on a book tour, but you can’t take the pessimist out of the girl, or something like that. Anyway, I gave the book a little momager pep talk as I passed by.

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4. I don’t know how to take a mirror selfie

I thought it might be cute to do a summer book tour lookbook kind of thing to include here. Me with my big ideas. That would require me being able to take some decent pictures of myself, which I have learned I don’t know how to do. I truly don’t understand the physics of the mirror selfie. Where do I point the camera? Where does my hand go? Where do I look? How does every twelve-year-old get this and I don’t? But here, enjoy my weird dim photos.

5. Book people are the best people

Not that I’m biased. But this trip really was a reminder of how wonderful booksellers, readers, and writers can be. In New York City and Charlotte, writer friends old and new came out and supported me and asked thoughtful questions. I had a smaller crowd in Healdsburg, CA (which I expected, since I don’t know anybody in the area), but the staff of the bookstore and of the lovely wine bar next door joined the audience and we had a grand time anyway. All of the store owners were so welcoming, and it was a beautiful chance to reconnect with friends.

But wait, there’s more!

I’m currently back home, sealed safely in my hyperbaric pod, but I’ll be emerging again next month for another reading. On August 11th, I’ll join the Creating Conversations bookstore in Los Angeles for an intimate, conversational event with several other authors. Learn more and get tickets here!

4 thoughts on “Five Revelations from my First Book Tour”

  1. I skipped leaving a comment on the “spooky old house” post, which was interesting and lovely. This one’ll double. What a terrific post! And yes, everyone does seem to have an opinion on the incipient AI phenom. Mine, for what it’s worth, is: “Look, all i’m saying is, you leave your laundry here without putting a ticket on it, how are we supposed to get back to you when it’s done?” It may be that i have misunderstood the topic.

    I rejoice with you in your blooming success, doubtless fully deserved. (We shall soon see, heh heh heh.) I’m probably going to come at you with some questions, before too long, about navigating the publishing industry.


    1. Please do ask away! I don’t know too much yet about the publishing industry (or about AI), but that doesn’t stop me from talking about either of them.

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